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Fully Funded! Tesla Quartet & Alex Fiterstein: Clarinet Quintets

We successfuly reached our funding goal to record clarinet quintets by Mozart, Finzi, Corigliano and Heredia!

Tesla Quartet ❤ Alex Fiterstein

When we met clarinetist Alex Fiterstein during the Swannanoa Chamber Music Festival in North Carolina, it was love at first sound - we knew we HAD to make an album together!

With Tesla Quartet’s debut album now in the capable hands of Orchid Classics, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to return to Wyastone Studios in the UK to collaborate on four exceptional clarinet quintets:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Clarinet Quintet in A major, K.581 

Gerald Finzi - 5 Bagatelles, Op.23 (arr. Christian Alexander) 

John Corigliano - Soliloquy 

Carolina Heredia - “Lus In Bello” (Law of War) *Debut Recording

These pieces may not at first appear to have much in common, but each of them blends disparate influences in a way that’s at once thought-provoking and musically adventurous. Likewise, a quintet starts with five distinctive voices and weaves them together in such a way as to sum up to something much larger, more complex, richer, and vastly more beautiful than its parts. This idea of an exciting blend further expands to include the listener who brings their own history, personal taste, and passion for music to each unique moment of encounter.

I am so delighted to have the wonderful combination of the Tesla Quartet and clarinetist Alex Fiterstein performing my “Soliloquy”. This is a very special piece for me, as it is taken from the slow movement of my clarinet concerto, which was written in memory of my father, John Corigliano. He was the concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic and died a year before the concerto premiered with that orchestra. Alex has the ability to spin the long lines this piece demands, and the Tesla Quartet can provide the suspended atmosphere of clarinet, solo violin, and hushed chordal background to complete the picture.
— John Corigliano

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